Following public amenities are provided for the benefit of villagers.

  • 1. A battery vehicle transporting the people to Sree Rampuram, RG Peta, Kotta Peta.
  • 2. Girls are given a cheque of Rs.10000/- at the time of their marriage.
  • 3. Students studying in the private schools are being given sports equipments.
  • 4. To maintain pollution free atmosphere, highly sophisticated sprinkle system has been introduced to wet the ground.
  • 5. Drinking water is being provided through tankers at the request of public for any functions free of cost.
  • 6. Free medical camps are organized under a Specialist Doctor on every week in each village and medicines are supplied to needy patients.
  • 7. For any emergency, Ambulance is being provided round the clock.

Towards this we have initiated the following in the last two years:

  • 1. Provided solar street lights to the surrounding villages and play equipments to the schools in the nearby vicinity.
  • 2. Set up a centre with 24 hours availability of a qualified doctor with sufficient staff. We are also providing free medicines to the needy patients and frequently conduct medical camps in the nearby villages.
  • 3. Made available a 24 x7 ambulance vehicle of the company for the people of nearby villages also.
  • 4. Providing free drinking water up to 9 hours per day to the surrounding villages by setting underground pipeline from our site and by water tankers.
  • 5. Conducted cleanliness drive.
  • 6. Providing free transport service by way of eco-friendly -rickshaws which ply between main road to nearby villages easing their movements.
  • 7. Provided tricycles and artificial limbs to physically handicapped.